Dan and Marcus have over 20 years of combined experience in music marketing and the music industry. “We do this because we love it, and we’re great at it because we live as both musicians and digital marketers.” Schedule a free consultation or start your campaign today! Be heard, Be The Melody.


Dan Angelo

Dan took his leap into music at 12 years old with a karaoke machine and a blank cassette tape. A passion for creating was born. As one half of a Hip-Hop duo in highschool, he realized the difficult side of being an artist – exposure. From selling show tickets to having friends share his latest song, it was apparent that creating music was only part of the music industry. Fast forward to the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 when a 5+ year music hiatus was broken. This time things were different. He knew that he needed to take music marketing more seriously. So he bought classes, did endless research, and reached out to anyone with music promotion experience. Through persistence, he eventually crossed paths with Marcus, and well, no one wants to be an unheard, starving artist forever. So, they began working on a solution. Something that gives everyone the opportunity to Be The Melody.


Marcus Sayzer

Marcus began his music journey as a vocalist in metal bands. The days of handing out flyers in his hometown on Long Island came to an end as he learned to leverage MySpace. In these early times, he realized that the internet could help his music projects get noticed. Developing a passion for the business side of the industry, he began writing for music blogs and interned at Live Nation Entertainment. If he wasn’t playing EDM shows at the legendary Webster Hall in New York, he was conducting artist interviews for blogs. He became a student of the industry and the technology that impacted it. Since then, Marcus has worked for two of the top digital marketing agencies in the world. His expertise in search engine optimization led to an interest in paid social music marketing. During this time he met Dan on Facebook and Be the Melody was formed.