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Over 120,000 songs are uploaded to Spotify everyday. Cut through the noise and get your music heard.


It’s disappointing not getting the results you want after you release music. Our organic music marketing and paid music promotion will give your songs the fans they deserve.

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We create custom Facebook ads for musicians like you. Then using data driven tools,
we promote your music on social media to the most receptive listeners.


We send you a request on Facebook and Spotify to start your campaign.


A custom piece of content, called an ad creative, is made just for you.


Your ad creative is served to high-potential fans through your Facebook or Instagram account.


When listeners click on the ad your custom landing page appears.


We track any time a listener clicks through to a digital service provider (Spotify).


Sit back and watch your fan base grow.


3 million Spotify streams

Carlos Hof is Be The Melody’s longest standing client. His rising numbers are from him creating his own playlists, slotting in his songs and using ‘insert hyperlink keyword > Campaign Management’ to increase Spotify followers. These 13,000 followers was the data needed to send signals to Spotify for it’s algorithm to do what it does best. In return, Carlos Hof was added to three Spotify Editorial Playlists and the rest is history. 


827% increase in Spotify monthly listeners


The official Spotify for Artists article states,

“If someone or a third party company is offering placement on a playlist in exchange for money, this is a streaming manipulation service that goes against Spotify’s guidelines for music promotion.”

Paying for placements hurts how the algorithm interacts with your artist profile. Spotify has removed millions of artist profiles, playlists and accounts. Pay for placements and Spotify will flag your account and possibly remove your songs.

Click below to submit your songs for a free playlist placement, the way it should be.


Video Course: Instagram and Facebook Ads For Musicians

This video course is all you need to run your own social media advertising campaigns. You’ll learn how to get followers, increase your monthly listeners and get streams on Spotify, Apple Music and everywhere your music lives.

Music Promotion Smart Link Tool

Our music promotion smart link with Facebook pixel tracking generates a landing page linking to anywhere your music is available. People can easily choose their favorite streaming platform and you’ll gain access to the most powerful metric for music marketing – user data.